About the Jovian Wars Fleet Builder

The Jovian Wars Fleet Builder web application has been built as a fan project for players of the Jovian Wars fleet combat game by Dream Pod 9. It allows you to pick the capital ships and squadrons for your fleet and check that they make a valid game force according to the Force Selection rules of the game.

It's important to say that the Fleet Builder is still work in progress and does not yet contain all the options players have in the Jovian Wars game. Most importantly, in this initial version you can only add 'stock' capital ships and squadrons to your fleets; you cannot yet upgrade your ships to make them truly unique. However, I wanted to get an early version in front of players as soon as possible to get feedback while it was still in development. Also, initial reseach showed that at the time of writing only half of Jovian Wars players were using upgrades on their ships and squadrons, so it felt like plenty of people would find it genuinely useful at the current level of functionality.

Rules Version Used

The Fleet Builder App uses the Beta Version 1.2 of the Jovian Wars rules that came out in May 2017. For including the Venus faction, the Alpha Version 1.0 Rules are being used that are from February 2018. Both of these together represent the most recent and up to date versions of the Jovian Wars ruleset. You can get both these rules documents together in Pdf format for free from DriveThruRPG.com.

There are some errors in these rules documents that are fairly straightforward to correct, and so we have done so for the Fleet Builder. These include the following:

Planned Enhancements

The following enhancements are planned for future releases of the Fleet Builder app: